Patient guide

Welcome to the mamta hospital, This guide will give you useful information. We at mamta hospital give you the best care in medical as well as in other services.

Registration & Billing for OPD
To begin the process, every patient who wants the various services needs registration. Registration will give you a permanent ID number. Registration & Billing counter is situated at the ground floor.
Please provide all the necessary information at the time of registration.

Please contact-02382 243493

Admission We respect the trust you show on us; all efforts are made to deliver you the best. Please bring the admission note from your treating doctor; the executive at the reception will help you for the admission process.

In case you are availing medical insurance & cashless facility, please carry the necessary documents.

You can choose type of bed/ room you will like to use from general bed to VIP suite. We try our best to provide you bed/room of your choice; but this may not be always possible. Allotment of room is based on situational availability. If bed/room of your choice is not available; contact the admission counter, we try our best to accommodate as per your request. We cannot promise you availing the rooms of your choice as it strictly depends on availability.

Only consultant can offer a ground for cancellation of admission/surgery, in case of cancellation for non medical reasons please contact the admission counter.

Bring your all concerned medical records at the time of admission.


Hygienic environment is essential for your health; help us in maintaining clean & hygienic environment.

Use disposable bins for disposable of waste.

Smoking, spitting & consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited in hospital premises.

Please do not make noise; help us in maintaining the serenity.


Discharge process will be initiated after an approval of your consulted doctor.

In case the patient/relative wishes to send home against the doctors advice, the patient/relative would required to sign ‘Discharge against medical advice’ and hospital will not be held responsible for any change in patients condition

Discharge process takes up to 2hrs for completing the formalities.

Discharge card & all reports will be given to you by billing staff at the time of discharge

Discharged patients requested to vacate thee room as early as possible. Your cooperation is expected.


We are interested in knowing your experience at mamta hospital; please do take time, your timely feedback will help us to serve you better.

Feedback from will be given to you at the time of discharge.


Allotment of room is based on situational availability. we try our best to accommodate as per your request. We cannot promise you availing the rooms of your choice as it strictly depends on availability.

Conference hall

Conference hall located on the 3rd floor, can host clinical workshops & seminars.

24*7 services

Theater facilities

The theater has been designed as per international standards to provide sterile environment while performing a surgery. Theater is well equipped with modern technology, provides various facilities like endoscopies; aimed at stress free ambience to patients.

Pharmacy service is available for 24hrs to cater the daily therapeutic requirements of the patients.

24hrs Dignostics to provide accurate & precise reports.

OPD services

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