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Mamta hospital was started by Dr. Maya & Dr. Madhukar Kulkarni in 1976, as a small nursing home to serve the rural population of Latur and surrounding areas. Their son, Dr. Vishvas, followed in their footsteps and started a well-equipped urology department in the hospital. Later Dr. Anuja introduced laparoscopic gynecological surgeries and other minimally invasive surgeries. With a firm commitment to provide improved healthcare facilities, Mamta hospital expanded its infrastructure by amalgamating high levels of skill with modern technologies under one roof. The orthopedics department was started by Dr. Mahesh after he returned from the UK. The hospital is now a multi-specialty institution with a large team of full-time and visiting consultants in obstetrics, gynecology, infertility, urology, orthopedics, pediatrics, medicine, and oncosurgery.

Mamta Hospital is manned by a team of well qualified, skilled and experienced doctors. We provide effective medical and surgical services with excellence and compassionate care. We have a spacious and modern hospital building with well planned architecture. We always try to give the best available treatment to our patients by adapting to the newest of technologies. We are aware of our social obligations and help our needy patients whenever possible.

To provide best possible and appropriate medical services to all with empathy.

The hospital will adopt and update the best of available medical technologies and will provide the medical services at a reasonable cost.The hospital will try to avail specialist consultants in different medical specialties, and also will train the hospital personnel for better patient care.The hospital will always be involved in social causes and will try to build harmony and faith between the care providers and patients.

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